Delegates react to Palin's speech

ST. PAUL, Minn. - September 3, 2008 - "There's been a lot of criticism, a lot of scrutiny. I think she's done a great job," said Congressman Bill Schuster.

Delegates believe Sarah Palin did what needed to be done, and more. She rallied this republican crowd and told her story with the world watching.

"She's an absolute rock star. She's doing great. She has the resume we need. The executive experience," said Jeff Booker of Gloucester Twp., New Jersey. "The crowd was crazy. It was great."

"I am tremendously proud of her. I am not voting for her solely because she's a woman. I'm proud of what she's accomplished," said Stefani Carych of New Jersey.

"I think she is going to have people cheering for her with the speech she gave tonight," said Priscilla Rakestraw of Wilmington, Delaware. "She's going to have people cheering for her in every corner of the country."

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