Residents upset over library restrooms

TRENTON - September 18, 2008 The port-o-potty at the Skelton branch of the Trenton public library on South.Broad Street was brought in to accommodate children during the city's summer reading program.

This branch and another on North Clinton Avenue have no restrooms for the public. Only employees can use the bathrooms in these old buildings and patrons say that's unfair.

"If it's good enough for the employees, it should be good enough for the people who use the library also," Akima Harris of Trenton said.

"People come and spend a lot of time here. If you have to use the bathroom you shouldn't have to go outside where it's dirty and port-o-potties aren't clean," Gabrielle Baker of Trenton said.

The city library director points out that children, the disabled or those with health problems are never refused, but the only bathrooms in these buildings are in private staff areas.

"I absolutely agree we need to have public restrooms in those areas, in those two facilities and its something that if those two facilities stay open that will be a priority," library director Kim Bray said.

The catch is that both are on the list to be closed for budget reasons and Bray says it makes no sense to spend as much as $100,000 to build bathrooms in building that may close.

Late Thursday afternoon the port-o-potties were removed, officials say because the summer reading program is over.

Now it's back to the old policy at these two branches where if you've got to go, you go to go somewhere else.

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