Price Comparison Test

PHILADELPHIA - September 19, 2008 - On our shopping list?

Bread, milk, eggs, paper towels, tooth paste, and laundry detergent. For this test, we tried to buy the same brand for each product unless the store didn't offer it. If that was the case, we got a similar brand.

We did use a stores' bonus savings card when offered.

The first item on our shopping list: A half gallon of 1 percent milk.

The grocery store charged us the highest price we paid $2.75.

We got the best deal at the big box store $2.19.

Next, we shopped for bread.

At all the stores, except the big box the loaf was the same price: $3.19 It was a dollar less at the big box.

But, on this trip the grocery chain had the best promotion.

Buy one loaf and get a second loaf for free! Next on our shopping list: A dozen of eggs.

The big box wins again for the cheapest price.

We paid $1.52!

The corner store was the most expensive at $2.19.

How would the price tags on a roll of paper towels stand up?

This time we paid the most at the drug store: $2.49 But, grocery store wins this price war at just two bucks a roll.

Next in our shopping cart: Toothpaste.

We paid the highest price at the big box store-- $4.09.

And this time the corner store had the best bargain -$2.69.

That's a savings of a 1.40!!!

And we saw the biggest price difference in laundry detergent.

We paid $10.99 at the drug store and we saved $5 at the grocery store where the detergent was the cheapest.

So,here are the winners.

The Big Box because it had the highest number of items that were cheapest. Three out of six!

The grocery store wins, too, though.

Because our total receipt here ended up being less. All six items costs us $18.87 Compare that to $20.56 at the Corner Market $20.89 at the Big Box.

And, $25.68 at the Drug Store.

The bottom line? It pays to shop around, sign up for store club cards and of course, check weekly circulars.

$2.19-Big Box
$2.49-Corner Market
$2.69-Drug Store
$2.75-Grocery Store

$2.19-Big Box
$3.19-Grocery Store (buy 1 get 1 FREE! w/card)
$3.19-Corner Market
$3.19-Drug Store

$1.52-Big Box
$1.67-Grocery Store (with card)
$2.09-Drug Store
$2.19-Corner Market

$2-Grocery Store
$2.19-Big Box
$2.29-Corner Market
$2.49-Drug Store

$5.99-Grocery Store (w/card)
$8-Big Box
$10.99-Drug Store
$6.99-Corner Market (only offered in 1/2 the size)

$2.69-Corner Store
$2.79-Grocery Store
$3.29-Drug Store
$4.09-Big Box

$18.87-GROCERY STORE w/card
$20.89-BIG BOX
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