McCain/Palin rally in Media

MEDIA, Pa. - September 22, 2008 - It was their first joint appearance in the Delaware Valley.

Palin was first to speak, starting off by firing up the crowd with some shots at Barack Obama.

"I have to ask you a few questions, Media. Let me ask you a few questions. Our opponent likes to point the finger of blame, but tell me, has he ever lifted a finger to help?" Palin said.

Mccain spent much of the rally, and much of the day, talking about the financial crisis, which he called the most serious crisis since Word War Two.

He said there should be a bi-partisan overnight board to supervise the bail-out, chaired by someone like respected investor Warren Buffet.

McCain and Palin urged the crowd to show up not only to rallies like the one held Monday, but also at the polls on Election Day.

18-year-old Mark Proska, a first-time voter, promised to do just that.

"McCain , he's big on national defense. He's going to lower taxes. I don't believe Obama is going to lower taxes."

Many people at the rally say Palin has brought star power to the party and the Republican ticket.

"I was kind of on the fence. I love Obama and I saw her speak and I just loved that she's for women and children with disabilities," said Grace Flanagan of West Chester.

"I don't think she's afraid of anybody. She shoots moose!" said Ed McCloughlin of Erdenheim, Pa.

With Pennsylvania being the key battle-ground state it is, it's likely both McCain and Palin will be making several more stops in the Delaware Valley before the election.

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