Philadelphia officer hospitalized

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - September 26, 2008 - Police Sgt Andrew Stackwicz, 57, of the 22nd District is in critical but stable condition in ICU at Temple University Hospital.

"He's certainly showing very positive signs in a variety of ways," said Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. "The doctors are cautious, but everything seems to be moving the right way."

Sgt. Andrew Stackwicz was in his patrol car on Glenwood near Diamond when a resident noticed he was slumped over in his patrol car and immediately called 911.

Four officers responded and administered CPR, quite possibly saving his life, before rushing him to Temple.

It has been a very tough week for Philadelphia Police with the murder of Officer Patrick McDonald and the wounding of Officer Richie Bowes.

Only hours earlier, officers were at Temple to salute Bowes as he was released, and then having to return after learning that another officer was down, this one by way of a heart attack.

"It's been a tough week," said Mayor Nutter. "But they're proud and they're committed to serving the citizens of this city."

As the officers were waiting to hear word on their colleague, gunshots rang out on Russell, across the street from the emergency room.

In what seem like a sea of blue, officers made their way towards the danger, some with guns drawn, to investigate.

Officers made a number of arrests and walked a young man who had been stabbed to the hospital for treatment.

"They're doing what they do, and regardless of the situation or circumstance, our police officers run toward danger when everyone else is going in the opposite direction," Mayor Nutter said. "I'm very, very proud of them."

The good news is it appears Sgt. Stackwicz should recover. He is a 26 year veteran of the deptartment, and his wife and two daughters joined him at the hospital Friday night.

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