RNOTN: Obama online & keyboard competition

Transparency Online

We know there was a surge in the youth vote this election and Obama was the candidate of choice for the majority of young voters. Many attribute part of his connection to this generation with his online involvement. We've found some sites that exemplify just how big of a role the internet may play in the new White House.

First is a YouTube video you'll find on change.gov. It is a website the office of the president elect recently launched. The site presents unusual access to the administration including a weekly video address, transition updates, and a virtual suggestion box. The idea? To establish the Obama team as one of transparency, open to all.


You can also get some behind the scene looks at Obama on his flickr account. Plus there are several resources that do not have direct ties to the incoming administration but work to enhance Obama's public image, which include Obama's Facebook fan page, whyobamaworks.com, republicansforobama.org and onemillionstrong.us.


How fast can you type

Let's change gears...with the evolution of the computer chances are your typing skills have gotten pretty sharp. Now you can get paid for it on play.typeracer.com. Careful, it's addicting. The site pits you against other typers and you can win money, fame, and a slot on Typeracers' leaderboard!


Tracking the Flu

Unfortunately it is flu season. Now, thanks to Google you can stay better informed about where the bug is spreading so you can stay healthy. Last week, the search engine giant launched a new feature that tracks search terms as indicators of flu activity. The site, google.org/flutrends/ claims that flu-trends uses aggregated Google Search data to estimate flu activity in your state up to two weeks faster than traditional systems. Based on the site's data now, outbreaks in PA, NJ and Delaware are low.


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