Store offers deals on designer and lookalike bags

VOORHEES, New Jersey - December 24, 2008

Cranky's Handbags has two specialties.

In the front of the store, you'll find knock-offs of trendy, celebrity-style bags.

Owner Jaci Gottheim says, "I try to pick bags where people can wear them with attitude and never be second-guessed. They should walk out of here feeling like they shopped off the page of a magazine."

And she'll show you the magazine pages to back up her choices, like a picture of a Fendi bag that sells for $2079. Cranky's real-leather look-alike is $69.

An Alexis Hudson bag that was featured in the August issue of InStyle magazine, selling for $598, looks very similar to the bag at Cranky's, which sells for $98.

She has a photo of Jessica Simpson holding and $1100 Be & D bag. Cranky's has a lookalike for $59.

In the back of Cranky's, you'll find the consignment corner, where real designer bags, from names like Louis Vitton, Chanel, and Prada, sell for about 50 percent of their original retail prices.

Consigners get 70% of the sale price, Gottheim keeps 30%. And she says she authenticates every designer bag she sells. Plus, if you find that a designer bag you buy at Cranky's is a knock-off, all you need to do is bring proof in writing (from the designer or manufacturer) and Gottheim says she will refund your purchase price.

For more information about Cranky's Handbags, click here.

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