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WEST PHILADELPHIA - December 18, 2008 There was a horseshoe in front of the house for good luck in the 400 block of Simpson Street in West Philadelphia, but luck ran out tonight for Ronald Williams and his son Ron Junior, two ex-cons being sought for parole violations.

When police caught up with them, authorities say they were running a one stop shop operation of drugs and dog fighting.

Humane Society officers found ten pit bulls in the backyard and basement that were tied down with heavy chains in unsanitary conditions.

"We removed 10 dogs from here, treadmills, spring poles which is pretty much dog-fighting paraphernalia," Wayne Smith of the PSPCA said.

Authorities say they found what appeared to be a dog fighting pit in the basement, and apparently they were playing veterinarian, too. Authorities found medical books and other equipment, apparently for use incase the dogs were injured.

"We even found like a medical kit for, say a dog was in a fight, there was like a cut man on hand, there would be surgical staples, IV's, all kinds of stuff like that, sutures & different things inside a medical kit," Smith said.

Authorities say they also found a number of guns, a sword, a bullet proof vest and what investigators thought was a grenade, but turned out to be a smoke bomb.

All the items were confiscated.

Smith said the dogs were to be taken to shelters and to vets to be checked out.

In addition to parole violations, Ronald Williams and Ronald Junior are being charged with weapons, drugs, and running a dog fighting operation.

If authorities have it their way, they'll be going back to prison for a long time.

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