2 Arcadia students attacked near campus

GLENSIDE, Pa. - September 24, 2009 On Friday night, a group of men attacked a 19-year-old student and made off with $60, a cell phone, and an ID. On Saturday at 10:30 p.m., they got away with $20 after attacking a 17-year-old freshman athlete.

Junior Tim Svitak, a teammate of that 17-year-old, told Action News a group of men jumped the freshman, who is now sidelined until next week with bruised ribs.

"He's not cleared until Monday. He's pretty hurt, a couple people had to drive him to the hospital to get checked out," Svitak said.

Cheltenham Police have picked up patrols along South Easton Road after the two attacks on Arcadia University students in two days.

"Both were approached by 3 to 4 black males, assaulted, knocked to the ground, and robbed," Lt. Joseph Gruver of the Cheltenham Police said.

Though the attacks occurred off campus, school officials alerted students immediately and posted signs around campus providing tips to keep safe.

"It's always frightening when something happens to one of our students, in this case, two. We really want to respond and rally around them," Vice President of Student Affairs Jan Walbert said.

Some students are hoping their classmates will proceed with an extra dose of caution on the streets and in their dorms.

"You need an ID to get in, but often times students will hold the door open, that's a little worrisome," senior Amy Brode said.

Descriptions of the suspects are vague and police are asking for the public's help. They're also looking to see if there are any surveillance cameras nearby on private property that might help further the case.

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