The Terrible Two's - In Public!

April 1, 2010 10:01:42 AM PDT
My daughter's are old enough to behave when we take them out to shows and events. My two-year-old? That's another story!

All my kids love Disney. When I had the opportunity to take them to Disney on Ice last week, we jumped at the chance. The girls and I go every year, but this time I wanted to take the baby too. We were lucky enough to go early and meet Mickey Mouse himself! It was mayhem before "The Big Cheese" arrived! The baby was running around and literally running in between people's legs! I looked like a fool with little control as I chased him down. The girls seemed to act up and follow the baby, instead of the other way around.

The baby didn't want to stand by himself with Mickey and Minnie, but he did let me hold him and seemed to love seeing his hero in person. It was really cute! We grabbed a quick bite to eat which also seemed insane as my toddler insisted on grabbing the girls' drinks and then cried when he was soaking wet! Just when I thought the entire night would be a disaster, the show started and he was mesmerized. He literally sat enthralled during the entire performance. I was stunned. I never expected him to sit so still for so long.

The lessons learned? Do bring your toddler out, eventually he'll learn to behave. Forget any attempts at dinner. Show up late and perhaps your toddler will surprise you and actually enjoy a night out with the big kids!