Traditions are key to Halloween fun

April 1, 2010 10:01:41 AM PDT
My kids LOVE Halloween! They spend months huddled over magazines trying to decide what costume they'll wear. Last year my older daughter announced she was too old to be a princess! Now, it's all about spooky and scary! The thing I love about Halloween is how their little faces light up when they put on their costumes. We have two traditions that help make this time even more memorable.

Our first tradition? We make Christmas ornaments out of their Halloween pictures. Just before Halloween, I take the kids to the mall to get their photos taken so I can remember how excited they were to be a little princess, Mickey Mouse, or a spooky Halloween bride. The photo studio puts the image on a hard plastic and cuts around their body so I'm left with a cute Christmas ornament of my kids! We've done it every year and we love to look back at the pictures and laugh as they hang on our tree. Admittedly, it's a little odd to mix Halloween and Christmas! But, I love the expression on their faces when they're in their costumes. They're priceless!

Our second tradition? We turn Halloween night into a block party! My husband and I set up a table outside with a huge crock pot. We fill it with hot dogs for the neighbors. We rinse out our giant coffee pot and fill it with hot apple cider. As the families go around and trick or treat they linger in our driveway as they catch dinner on the go. It's a lot of fun and allows the kids a chance to hang out while the parents catch a rest from trick or treating.

I think the kids love the traditions - but not as much as they love all the candy when they trick or treat!