Delaware beach storm damage

SOUTH BETHANY, Del. - November 17, 2009 "It really is half of the beach is gone, half of the dune is gone and I just think about all the thousands of dollars that went into putting that sand in and nature just took it right back out."

You can see the ravaged shore line in South Bethany, the beach that seasonal residents like Judy Wally enjoyed over the summer.

There's now calmness in the waves, a big contrast from last week when the surf pounded the shore, fueled by winds that gusted up to 50-miles-per-hour, leaving items like a giant buoy that washed ashore when it should be out in the ocean.

The shoreline has been eroded by the fury of Mother Nature.

"The beach erosion I think in this storm is one of the top 2 or 3 that I've seen in my career with DNREC."

Tony Pratt monitors Delaware's coastline. He says workers are trying to put back what sand they can with hopes that Mother Nature helps replenish the lost dunes on her own, but the question is will the beaches be ready for summer tourists?

"Summertime we always hope to provide enough space so everybody has a good recreational beach alot can happen between now and then."

Pratt does not know if the state will have to ask for federal disaster assistance. What he does know if after 3 Nor'easters in a row, Delaware could use more days like today.

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