Burglars come knocking in Pa. community

NEW GARDEN TWP., Pa. - December 8, 2009

"They're all daylight residential burglaries, so we know that they are targeting peole who are going to work," said Police Chief Larry Dampman.

Police are stepping up patrols and keeping a special watch out for homes with garbage cans out front, or empty driveways, indications no one is home.

That's little comfort to Tom Lewis. He just went to settlement on his new house on Tuesday.

"It's not surprising, with the affluence in this area and the economic needs that prevail in today's world," Lewis said.

Police say electronics, jewerly and TVs are being stolen after back doors and windows are broken into. Whoever is responsible appears to go to the homes first under the guise of selling magazines or other goods so they'll know if the house is empty or not.

The Browns have noticed more solicitators in their neigborhood. That alone is a violation without a permit, but:

"With us having the two dogs there, they're going to get a lot of barking. So that would probably make them more hesitant to come in our home," said Barry Brown.

"I hate to think of this happening in our neighborhood," said Jodi Brown. "I'll certainly keep a good eye out for those folks."

Looking out for each other is just what investigators want the 12,000 residents who live in this area to do.

That, and call police if they see anything suspicious.

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