Nutter: No tolerance for New Year's gunfire

PHILADELPHIA - December 31, 2009

At a news conference, Nutter appeared with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and District Attorney-elect Seth Williams to remind everyone to celebrate safely.

"If we are aware of anyone firing such a weapon, you will be arrested, you will be prosecuted. It will be a very bad night for you and a very bad way to start the new year," Mayor Nutter said.

Earlier this week a Philadelphia father, Greg Jaskolka, told the story of his son, Joseph.

Back on New Year's Eve 1998, someone fired a gun into the air to celebrate the New Year.

That bullet ended up hitting Joseph, leaving him paralyzed.

"He's had over 30 brain surgeries. Each time he has another one, he loses something else. At one point he was able to walk, which he can't do anymore," Jaskolka said. "All because some reckless, non-thinking individual couldn't think of a better way to ring in the new year than shooting a gun in the air."

Jaskolka says insurers have paid out more than $15 million to cover the cost of those surgeries.

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