Mrs. Fixit: Shower Splash Guard

February 7, 2010 9:05:07 AM PST
Water splashing out of your shower can cause a lot of damage in the long run. But there is an easy fix, splash guards and they're easy to install.

Because these guards install directly onto your tub and wall surround, check your caulk to be sure that it's sound and secure.

If it turns out that you need to recaulk, check the website for how to do it.

Make sure the tub and walls are clean and dry.

Use white vinegar to clean and it will cut through and soap residue and leave a clean surface behind.

You might grab your hairdryer to make sure that the area is completely dry.

Most of these guards come with adhesive backing already on them, so all you need to do is peel the backs off and press the guard firmly into place.

Let it set up for a little while and then you're all done. It's an easy and inexpensive fix that can save your walls and floors. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!