Reap rewards of good grades

June 21, 2010 1:39:36 PM PDT
If your son or daughter came home from school with a great report card, you can reward them without spending a lot of money.

Several businesses are offering report card rewards.

Bring your child's good report card to Chuck E. Cheese and they'll give you game tokens for each A the child earned. You will need to make a food purchase to take advantage of this deal and there is a limit of 15 tokens per child


Some Chik-Fil-A outlets will give kids with straight-A's an eight-pack of chicken nuggets.

And check to see if your child's school participates in Baskin-Robbins Scooper Star program. If they do, your child could receive a coupon for a free single scoop in recognition of his or her outstanding academic achievement.

And the rewards aren't just from restaurants.

Bring your child's report card to a Topps trading card store in our area for what the company's website calls a "great trading card gift."

It's a good idea to check with the local outlet of all of these businesses to see if they participate in the report card freebies, as offers may vary from store to store.