Get a glimpse of old-time SEPTA station while you can

NORTH WALES, Pa. - August 9, 2010

But the tiny town of North Wales quickly fell in love with this little, old building a few months ago when SEPTA started renovating it. The paint was sand-blasted to reveal a truly charming red, brick exterior.

Neighbors did a little research and found that not only was this train-stop built way back in 1873, but its charming image was enough to land it on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post back in 1957.

So imagine the surprise when SEPTA, which just removed the paint, announced plans to repaint it.

The money is being funneled through the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission which works under strict guidelines including the painting of historic brick buildings to protect the bricks and prevent water damage.

Neighbors here who love the building's new-old look ask why can't SEPTA just paint it with a clear sealant?

Members of the North Wales Council have been petitioning the Historical Commission to reconsider in the name of good taste, but they're not getting their hopes up.

As of right now, SEPTA crews are scheduled to paint the building with brown and cream colors sometime next week.

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