Easton yearbook marred by alleged Hitler quote

EASTON, Pa. (AP) - August 27, 2010

The principal of Easton Area High School, Michael Koch, says the material got through several layers of editing because of the sheer number of quotes peppered through the 272-page yearbook.

The saying, appearing on page 190 with Hitler's name below it, was, "And in the last analysis, success is what mattered." It has been attributed to Hitler in at least one history book, published in 1963.

District officials have publically apologized for what they are calling an oversight in the revision process.

Action News has learned the editing process will now inclue the high school's senior principal.

600 of the yearbooks were sold. 400 have already been passed out. The other 200 will not be given out until school officials place stickers over the quote in each of the books.

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