Police looking for alleged BB gun shooter

POMONA, N.J. - September 21, 2010 It was about 10:15 Monday night when a Stockton College junior walking with her boyfriend along a path in the dorm area known as "the courts" was hit by what's believed to be a BB shot, one of several shots fired.

"I definitely heard it. Just like a soft pop. It couldn't have been a real gun 'cause it wasn't loud enough," said Matt Lucid.

The 20-year-old student suffered a welt on her arm from the impact. The couple called campus police and the victim told Action News they recovered and showed her what appeared to be a BB pellet.

"My apartment's right over there and when I looked out the window all the cops were walking around with the flashlights. I seen them come back here searching around," explained Jason Brown.

The victim's boyfriend told police he believed several shots were fired from the second floor of the G building.

"Searching everyone's room, they're going through everyone's room. But they were kind of like secretive not telling us what's going on," said Devin Reilley.

The victim's father, who asked us not to use his name, is understandably upset as is his daughter.

"I'm just concerned that it's a BB gun today, but after Columbine I really think any time a student takes a weapon on school grounds it should be taken seriously."

The college has zero-tolerance for weapons on campus.

Officials would not talk on camera about the incident but say that an active investigation is underway.

"Makes me a little nervous especially because I walk these paths at night always with somebody but now you have to worry about people shooting out windows," said Amanda Hrehorovich.

Stockton College officials say if police find the person or persons responsible they will face disciplinary charges up to and possibly including expulsion from school.

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