Mrs. Fixit: Paint Tool Problems

From home repair or to handy how-to hints, Mrs. Fixit has the answers you need.

January 22, 2011 5:15:02 AM PST
From rollers to brushes, if you're having problems with your paint tools, you're going to end up with a shotty finish. Well, I have some ideas to help!

First off, don't cheap out on your brushes. Look at these brushes side by side. See how the bristles on this brush are tapered so that it comes to a point? And these bristles are just hacked across the center.

The tapered brush will hold paint better, give you more control and better coverage. Plus, a good paint brush will last for years!

How about your rollers, look for tapering again, but this time on both sides. If the roller doesn't taper, paint can gather at the ends and leave lap marks on your walls.

Now if you're reusing a roller and those ends are a little crusty - trim them off with some sharp scissors to give yourself a fresh taper and a clean line.

What if your cover is constantly sliding off your roller. Don't worry; it just needs some roughing up. Use a metal file to scuff up the surface of the paint roller frame so that it can grab on to the inside of the roller cover and stay in place while you're working.

Just some easy ways you can make your paint tools work just a little bit harder! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!