DA: Trucker hit biker, covered him, drove away

February 3, 2011 2:06:24 PM PST
A truck driver has been arrested after a hit-and-run crash that killed a motorcycle rider in Montgomery County.

42-year-old Ernest Cohens, of The Bronx in New York, was arrested after the Thursday morning crash.

It happened around 6:00 a.m. on Bethlehem Pike (Route 309) near Sterling Drive in Hatfield Township.

The driver of the motorcycle, 55-year-old Terry Kriebel from Sellersville, PA, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Montgomery County D.A.'s office says Cohens got out of the truck, walked over to Kriebel and assisted another motorist in covering Kriebel with a towel or sheet.

Then Cohens allegedly got in his truck and drove away.

Investigators say Cohens was located about 40 minutes later in Bucks County, where he allegedly told an officer he had been involved in a crash and left the scene.

Police have determined that Cohens' license was suspended at the time of the crash.

Cohens has been charged with accident involving a death and accident involving death while not having a license. Both are felonies.

There was no additional information on the driver who allegedly helped Cohens cover up Kriebel at the scene.