New consignment shop in Northern Liberties

March 14, 2011 9:40:25 AM PDT
Northern Liberties is a neighborhood that's going through a Renaissance. And now, a new consignment shop that's opened near Second and Poplar streets is offering clothing a second life as well.

Jennifer Waxman opened Once Worn Consignment in October.

"I worked in a restaurant for years, I have a degree in social work and this is something I wanted to do since I was 12 years old," Waxman says. "I just decided to go for it. I love it, I love coming to work every day."

Since Northern Liberties didn't have any other consignment shops, she felt it would be the perfect place to pursue her dream.

"I thought it was a really great up-and-coming area," Waxman says. "There's a lot of new businesses opening, a lot of new people moving in, a lot of young people and a lot of families. So, it just seemed like a perfect location and there weren't any consignment shops."

On the shelves and racks, shoppers can find everything from a red leather Coach bag for $100 and unworn Dior shoes for $150 to Chanel sunglasses for $65 and a Nanette Lepore tweed mini-skirt for $60..There are also less pricey items like an H& M sundress for $15 and sweaters from Loft, Banana Republic and J. Crew for $16-$25.

Alice Leung of Northern Liberties has become a regular.

"She has everything in here, any kind of style that you want to find. It's just great," she exclaims. When asked about the prices, she said, "Omigosh! Are you kidding? I can get a pair of boots for $10. Where can you get that?"

Once Worn also has men's clothes. We found a Burberry windbreaker for $150 and designer jeans that were reduced 50% to $22.50.

Once Worn Consignment is located at 910 North 2nd Street in Philadelphia. The phone number is: 215-627-1122. To access the store's website, click here.