Love and marriage in a hospital

March 24, 2011 8:56:24 PM PDT
It's where they met and now where they've married.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Scarpiello of Levittown tied the knot at St. Mary Medical Center.

The ceremony was supposed be this Saturday in Morrisville until recent health problems landed Harry back into the hospital for treatment.

During the wedding, they spoke the words, 'through times of health and illness,' but it wasn't illness that initially brought the two together, it was recovery.

Jennifer is an occupational therapist who worked with Harry after he suffered a stroke last spring. Harry had also had a heart attack six months prior and was fighting to regain his health. There was an immediate spark.

"He worked so hard, he was funny, he would make me laugh and he was a big flirt," Jennifer said.

"I felt very, very lucky to have this therapist taking care of me who treated me like I was really somebody. I didn't feel like much of person," Harry said.

It was also at St. Mary where they had their first date.

"Kim, his ex-wife, was bringing some food in and Harry said to her, 'can you stop to pick up this girl Jen and bring her in because I'd like her to come to dinner,'" Jennifer said.

Unusual? Maybe. But Harry's ex-wife showed her support as Matron of Honor at the wedding.

Fellow hospital staffers watched the ceremony from pews and later decorated a family lounge for a reception.

It's been a bittersweet year for the couple. They fell in love, but there was yet another hurdle for Harry's health. He was diagnosed with cancer. Now, he's undergoing chemotherapy, but he hasn't lost his sense of humor.

"She says she loves my new haircut," Harry said.

"When I look at him, I honest to God, I don't see a man who had a stroke; I don't see a man who doesn't move one arm. I just see the guy I love. It's always been that way and I know it always will be," Jennifer said.

The bride and groom are still working on honeymoon plans. When Harry finishes chemotherapy, they hope to go on a cruise.

But Harry doesn't seem to mind what they do, he says 'if she's happy, I'm happy.'