Philadelphia Zoo readies X-tink-shun exhibit

April 5, 2011 7:21:49 PM PDT
The Philadelphia Zoo wants young zoo-goers to learn about endangered species and it's set up a creative and fun experience.

Not to go the way of the dodo, "Didi" and the gang are about to turn the Philadelphia Zoo on its tail Saturday.

"I am here to make sure that what happened to me does not happen to these other creatures," Didi told Action News.

X-tink-shun - A wild puppet experience stars a cast of endangered animals: Leo - the golden lion tamarin, Igor - the Amur tiger, The Duke - a duc langor, Freida - the Cheetah, Phoebe - the frog, and Iggle - the Eaglet.

"I know you guys happen to like Eagles here in Philadelphia," Noel MacNeal, Puppeteer told Action News, "so it seemed a natural fit."

The creative minds at the Jim Henson Company dreamed up these puppets with a purpose. The X-tink-shun critters will be here all summer for people to interact with. Six of the species that the seven puppets are based on all live at the Philadelphia Zoo. "We have all of them here," said Vikram Dewan, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Zoo, "except Didi (the dodo) of course who is extinct!"

Some of the Action News characters are also on board. Action News anchors Rick Williams, Cecily Tynan and Matt O'Donnell are also part of the X-tink-shun experience.

The animals will be happy to know that when Action News breaks in with a Special Report, people listen!

The exhibit opens Saturday and runs through October 31st. For a full preview, you can tune in for "6abc presents X.tink.shun: A wild puppet Xperience at the Philadelphia Zoo," hosted by Rick Williams and Cecily Tynan, this Saturday at 7pm.