Police send pet pig to farm, man wants it back

April 15, 2011 4:52:15 AM PDT
A potbellied pet has been put out to pasture, much to the chagrin of its suburban Philadelphia owner.

Brian Maguire tells the Philadelphia Daily News he wants police to return the Vietnamese micro potbellied pig they captured when the animal escaped from his suburban yard. But police in Ridley Township say they've sent his 10-week-old pet, Steve, to a farm because township residents can't keep farm animals.

Maguire, a 24-year-old truck mechanic, says his domesticated pet can't forage for food.

He and his girlfriend challenge the police reading of the township pet rule. The law bans "farm animals other than customary pets." Maguire bought the pig for $424 at a local pet shop.

Township Commissioner Michael McCrea says he's not commenting on the case.