Brady: No reason to release bin Laden photos

May 13, 2011 7:48:35 AM PDT
Congressman Bob Brady says he wanted to see the pictures because his role on the House Armed Services Committee is oversight.

He now says he has no doubt the man he saw in the photographs is Osama bin Laden and that the former leader of al-Qaida is dead.

"I saw the pictures this morning and bin Laden is dead," Brady said.

Very early Thursday morning, Congressman Brady says he travelled to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where in one of the director's top floor offices, he was handed a loose leaf notebook titled, 'Osama bin Laden' with the word, 'Classified' and the date of his death.

Inside the notebook was a set of pictures of bin Laden through the years when he was alive, along with pictures of him dead.

"They shot him in the left eye, bullet went through, came out his ear and blew his skull up. They're very, very grotesque and very, very graphic pictures," Brady said.

Brady says a home video collected at bin Laden's compound shows the 54-year-old in a gray beard and that he apparently liked to dye his beard black just before making any of his infamous video tape messages.

As for the dead bin Laden?

"He has his beard dyed again, so they thought that probably he was ready to make another video," Brady said.

The congressman says despite some lawmakers' beliefs that the pictures should be made public, he does not agree.

"There's no reason for that, he's dead. It's proof positive," Brady said.

He says the military also collected a lot of evidence from the compound revealing new information about al-Qaida and bin Laden's continuing leadership role.

"He was still calling the shots; he still controlled the finances," Brady said.

Brady also believes somebody in a position of power in Pakistan was hiding bin Laden.

"Maybe all their officials didn't know, somebody had to know; for sure, somebody had to know," Brady said.

The congressman says that although enhanced interrogation techniques may have helped lead to bin Laden, he does not believe in waterboarding.

"I'm not saying be nice to these terrorists, they deserve sometimes what they get, too, just like bin Laden deserved what he got," Brady said.

Overall, Brady says he wants to assure the public that we no longer have to worry about another videotape coming from bin Laden urging another attack on the U.S.