Mrs. Fixit: Reupholster A Footstool

July 2, 2011

You can either strip the exisiting fabric completely off down to the bare wood, or just pull off any loose trim. Leave the old fabric underneath as extra padding.

I painted these legs yesterday so they're dry. If you can remove the legs it will be a lot easier, if you cant, I'll show you how to work around them.

Next, batting. Lay the batting on a flat surface and flip your piece upside down on top of it. Wrap each of the four sides securing it on the underside with a staple gun.

To make sure the corners lay flat trim excess and fold the batting evenly onto both sides of the corner and secure it with staples.

Repeat the batting process with your fabric. Tackle the corners first for the final fabric. Fold the fabric under so it has a clean edge and secure it on either side of the leg on the underside.

Then secure the four edges being careful to smooth those corners as you go.

As a final touch i like to add trim in a contrasting color to finish off the piece. Secure the trim around the piece with a hot glue gun. It dries quickly and holds fast!

That's all there is to turn a drab little footstool into a homemade custom accent piece for your house! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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