The Big Deal: Last-minute Father's Day gifts

June 17, 2011 2:12:24 PM PDT
If you are still scratching your head trying to figure out what get dear old dad, grandpa, or the hubby, I tapped into a tech expert for some answers.

Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider and author of "Gadget Nation" says you don't have to spend a fortune to update dad's electronics.

First, if he would LOVE a laptop, but you can't pick up the tab, Greenberg recommends cell phones like one from Motorola that you can connect to a lap dock that acts just like a laptop.

For the music lover, here's a way to dust off his old guitar and turn him into the family rock star. It's called the Raw Talent Guitar.

"It's a teacher, an amp and a band all in one box. It teaches you to read music, evaluates your skills and gives you the experience of playing with other musicians, mixing your skills with real rock songs," said Greenberg.

Finally, if you are worried about how much you might spend updating dad's digital camera, ipod, electronic book reader or the like, Greenberg says you can trade in his OLD items for the new ones on sites that will buy your old gadgets, like and


And for last-minute gifts, or any gift you might like to send from now through June 24th, here's The Big Deal: KGB Deals is offering $30 worth of last-minute gifts from for only $15.