Saving: Dining Deals in University City

July 15, 2011 5:01:08 AM PDT
Chef Daniel Stern's beet and goat cheese salad, corned beef and cabbage and peanut butter pie. That's just one of the hundreds of meal combinations you can enjoy at a discount right now in University City.

Stern's MidAtlantic is one of 29 restaurants offering three-course meals for $15, $25 or $30 from now through July 28th -- during University City's Dining Days.

Mark Christman of the University City District explains the concept behind the promotion. "It's our way to really elevate the local dining scene here and the international dining scene here, and create opportunities for folks to come out and explore."

Usually, Stern's corned beef and cabbage alone is $18 -- so getting that, plus an appetizer and a dessert for $25, is quite a deal for customers.

And it's good for the restaurants, too.

Stern says, "When you do promotions like this around the city, it really does give people an opportunity to try new places. It gets a lot of people going out, especially in late summer, when a lot of people are down the shore."

At Penne Restaurant and Wine Bar, Chef Roberta Adamo's homemade potato and lobster gnocchi is just one of the many choices you can get for $30.

Adamo explains the deal there, "We are actually offering three course for $30 and we're actually offering that from four courses of the menu. You can pick which three you like."

In addition to the dining deals, discounted parking is also available during Dining Days, at either 38th or 40th and Walnut streets..

For all the details about the participating restaurants and to check out their menus, click here.