Call for Action: Car trouble pay day

July 27, 2011

Mary Karnuk bought a used car back in August 2010, "and I was in love with the car. It was really nice."

But just a couple weeks later, Mary says the car started having problems. The dealer who sold Mary the car gave her a 30-day warranty for the vehicle, but...

"I took it back three times and every time they said it was OK."

When Mary took her car to another mechanic, she ended up having to pay out of pocket to have the water pump fixed. Mary says she tried to get the original dealer to reimburse her for the repair cost but it refused.

"It was like pulling teeth. It was very frustrating."

So finally, Mary contacted Call for Action and after our volunteers got involved she got a $450 refund check in the mail.

"I'm very happy with Call for Action. I can't believe the results."

Mary says when she was trying to get the refund on her own, she went back and forth with the dealership for Months with no luck. But after Call for Action got involved, she got the check within a matter of weeks.

6abc is always looking for more Call for Action volunteers. If you would like to help out here at 6abc for a few hours each week give us a call at (215) 581-5745.

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