Bucks Co. man charged for shooting dog 32 times

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - August 2, 2011

30-year-old Paul Bevan-Xenelis of Quakertown is charged with cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor, and having an unlicensed dog, a summary offense.

Only Action News was there Tuesday morning as Bevan-Xenelis turned himself in to Doylestown Township Police.

He was later led out of the station in handcuffs for his arraignment in Warrington.

Bevan-Xenelis posted bail Tuesday afternoon but there was a condition.

The judge said that he is not able to own a pet or return to a home where a pet resides.

"I've been a police officer for 39 years. It's just unspeakable to do that to a defenseless animal," said Chief Stephen White of the Doylestown Township Police Department.

On Sunday, officers were called around 9:00 a.m. for a report of a dog tied to a fence and in distress on Country Club Lane in Doylestown.

Police say the former head groundskeeper for the Doylestown Country Club tied his American Bulldog to a fence by the maintenance shed there and shot him over 30 times with a .22 caliber pellet gun.

Authorities also say Bevan-Xenelis tried to poison the dog with insecticide injected hot-dogs.

The dog was still alive when police found it.

"He only admitted to shooting the dog once. Then we did the body scan and all the pellets and projectiles were inside of the dog," said Chief White.

Bevan-Xenelis initially told authorities that he shot the dog once after it bit a co-worker and acted aggressively.

He also allegedly told police he believed the dog was dead, and intended to return later to bury him.

Officers turned the dog over to the Bucks County SCPA, where he was euthanized because of his injuries.

Bevan-Xenelis , a married father of two, lost his job at the country club and could face jail time.

He is due back in court early next month.

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