Trendy mall-store clothes at re-sale prices

MAPLE SHADE, N.J. - August 17, 2011

At American Eagle, you'll spend $69.50 for a peasant top and skinny jeans for a teen girl .

At Hollister, guy's jeans and shirt will set you back $74.25.

And the prices on little kids' clothes are only a little better. At Children's Place, girl's leggings are on sale for $8, but with a matching tunic dress, you'll pay $38 for the outfit.

And though boy's jeans are on sale at the Gap, buy them with an embellished polo and they're $32.

We wanted to see if you could simlar outfits by shopping resale to cut costs. So we visited Once Upon a Child and Plato's Closet in Maple Shade, New Jersey. Both stores buy gently used clothes and sell them at a discount.

Jennifer Frish, who owns both stores, explains, "We sell our items at 70% off and items that come in, we're focusing on quality, condition and style."

Plato's Closet is geared to teens. There, we found American Eagle skinny jeans for $18 and peasant tops galore for $8 each.

For guys, we found striped Hollister shirts for $16 along with Hollister jeans for $20. Once Upon A Child is for babies and kids.

There, Gap jeans sell for $9.50 a pair and we found plenty of Gap polos. They were $3.50 for plain and $4.50 for embellished styles.

We also found a Children's Place tunic dress -- with the $24.50 price tag -- for $6.50. And Children's Place leggings for $3.50.

Turns out shopping re-sale really does pay off.

When we compared our retail to resale look-alike outfits, we saved $43.50 at American Eagle... $38.25 at Hollister... $28 at Children's Place and $18 at Gap.

To find a Plato's Closet near you, click here.

To find a Once Upon A Child near you, click here.

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