Girl, 14, raped while jogging in Telford

TELFORD BOROUGH, Pa. - August 17, 2011

The girl was jogging along Reliance Road in Telford Borough one Saturday evening in late May when a man pulled up alongside her in van. She ignored him and continued jogging. Minutes later, he pulled over and forced her into the back of the van.

Telford Borough Police Chief Randall Floyd says, "She knows it was a blue van with very dirty interior with pillows and a mattress on the floor and a curtain between the driver compartment and the cargo compartment."

The suspect drove her to a remote spot behind the Napa auto parts and the greenhouse tavern. He raped her, then drove her back to Reliance Road and ordered her out. She went home and told no one - until now.

The police chief isn't surprised she kept the rape a secret. He says she was terrified. Now police are checking with other departments and a national database to see if there have been any similar incidents reported elsewhere.

"We're doing everything we can to get the word out - to identify possible suspects, possible vehicles, and do everything that we can to put this thing together. It's a very difficult investigation."

Telford police have no reports of anything similar. The girl described the suspect as a white man in his thirties. He had a black bandana around his wrist, and smoke on his breath. The van was very dirty - possible used as a work van. Anyone with information should call Telford Borough police right away.

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