Young patients assemble Beads of Courage

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; September 13, 2011

9-year-old Robyn Higgins of London, England, is battling neuroblastoma.

She explains that she gets a bead for each procedure, treatment - and tough day - that she's gone through.

Robyn's pride in her string of beads shows in her smile.

"I like showing them off to people and taking them to school," she says.

Her mother, Lisa, says the beads have been a great outlet for Robyn during her care.

"They're her journey, really. They're a story of what's happened to her since diagnosis until now. It is such an accomplishment," says Lisa, beaming.

The young cancer patients also took part in a bead design competition today, and got to see the exhibit "Beads in Space."

The beads there were taken into space by some of the NASA astronauts.

The kids will also get a commemorative bead for taking part in the exhibit.

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