HealthCheck September 21, 2011


Something many men worry about - prostate cancer and sexual function. Doctors say that not all men experience the same outcomes after treatment or even address the issue with their physicians. Dr. Martin Sanda evaluated the sex lives of 26-hundred men BEFORE their treatments and two years after treatment. They found that a patient's age, severity of the cancer and their normal sexual function could actually help them determine what the patient's experience would be afterward.

"I think our study highlights that issues related to sexuality can be brought on the table, patients can be informed as to what they can expect and it doesn't have to be a black box of uncertainty as to what will happen moving forward."

The study appears in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association.Click this link to read it.

September is prostate cancer awareness month. More than 500 men were expected to take advantage of free screenings at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City Philadelphia today. Catching the disease early offers many options for treatment and a cure


It says eating low fat yogurt while pregnant may increase your childs risk for asthma and other allergies. Danish researchers looked at the records of 61,000 women and found the children born to women who ate one or more low fat yogurts a day were more likely to develop asthma and hay fever. They also found children of moms who drank whole milk during pregnancy were less likely to have these problems. Researchers say the fatty acid in whole dairy products may have a protective effect.

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