Jewelry store robbery caught on tape

WILMINGTON, Del. - November 10, 2011

It happened at a jewelry store in Wilmington. Investigators are now looking at surveillance video of the crime.

It was last Tuesday, November 1st when four men rushed into Stuart Kingston Jewelers in the 2000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilmington, Delaware.

Armed with hammers and at least one handgun, they smashed the jewelry cases and stole millions of dollars worth of jewels.

"These guys come in at 1:30pm in the afternoon," said Jim Stein.

Store owner, Jim Stein and his son, Edward were in the back of the store, eating when the robbers, entered.

"We heard this tremendous crash," said Stein.

Jim Stein headed out the back door, with the remote to his security system. He pressed it repeatedly.

Edward stayed inside to calm the employees and was confronted by one of the robbers.

"He pointed at me, and told me to get on your knees," Edward explained. "Then he proceeded to tie me up."

Stein says it was obvious the men had cased the store and knew it well, because the collection of travel jewelry, worth only a fraction of the real thing, was left untouched.

Stein said when he returned to the store, "One of the men raised the hammer and came at me."

One of the four men can be seen clearly without a face mask on the surveillance video.

The men sped off in a white van with the dollar amount $19.95 visible across the side.

They were chased by a Good Samaritan, northbound on I - 95 until he lost them near the Blue Route.

Reportedly the van, with NY plates, had been stolen.

"The best part is one got hurt, the worst, they got into our vault," said store owner, Jim Stein.

Among the items taken was an eight and a half thousand carat ruby and diamond sculpture, carved for the bicentennial, and appraised at $2 million.

If you can identity or have information on any of the robbers, you are asked to call Detective Shane Sowden of the Wilmington Police at 302-576-3606. Callers will remain anonymous.

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