Day of Service for Philly's MLK High School

January 16, 2012 2:56:03 PM PST
Hundreds of volunteers spent today at Philadelphia's Martin Luther King High School, scraping peeling walls, cleaning out one old storage area to make it into a school store, and painting another to turn it into an alumni historical and cultural center.

Angela Paulhill, the Alumni Association President, says volunteer projects like this are a fitting tribute to school's namesake.

Students worked along with alumni and other community volunteers to clean up years' worth of old files, old furniture and outdated computers. The goals -- improve the learning atmosphere, give students a sense of school pride and show them people outside the school care about their

Volunteers from Cheyney and Villanova universities joined students and neighbors at Chester's New Beginnings school, in projects like organizing the library, cleaning and painting. And there, too, Dr. King's message of working together in service to the community, was a guiding force. Dr. King once said, "intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education," and clearly it's a goal that the hard-working volunteers at these schools were meeting today.