Police: Team of burglars at work in Bucks Co.

UPPER MAKEFIELD, Pa. - January 31, 2012

They've managed to walk away with some valuable mementos, including wedding rings and expensive jewelry. All of the homes targeted have been in Upper Makefield.

The most recent burglary occurred Monday afternoon just before 1:00.

Ed and Karen McAllister had run out on some errands when they received a call from police, informing them that their house alarm had gone off.

They raced back to find some very sentimental and expensive items were gone.

"They took my daughter's jewelry, my wife's engagement ring and a lot of her necklaces and jewelry," said Ed McAllister of Upper Makefield.

The McAllisters showed us how the thieves ripped off the screen from a back window, entering through their daughter's bedroom.

The bandits then quickly made their way to the master bedroom, taking everything on top of the bureau and cleaning out the top drawer.

"I had a little ring holder and they were just on the ring holder... My wedding ring, my engagement ring, Ed had given me some beautiful necklaces. My favorite jewelry," said Karen McAllister.

The reports have been very similar after five other burglaries since last Monday. Each time the thieves made off with jewelry, cash, flat screen TVs, or all three.

Local investigators are urging anyone with information to contact the Upper Makefield Police Department, but they are also encouraging neighbors to call 911 if they see a suspicious person or vehicle in the community.

"You're going to know what vehicles are going to be in the neighborhood. Grab the description of the vehicle and be as descriptive as possible and call us as soon as possible. Don't wait a day or two," said Chief Mark Schmidt of the Upper Makefield Police Department.

Police say one home that was targeted was actually hit twice. In the second burglary, thieves actually ripped out the copper plumbing in the home.

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