Local group wins Grammy for anti-bullying album

February 29, 2012 3:01:47 PM PST
A local group of music producers are now Grammy winners, taking home the prize for Best Children's Album.

The focus of the music was helping kids deal with the growing problem of bullying.

The album "All About Bullies... Big and Small" was produced by Warminster's own East Coast Recording Company. The 37-song album uses creative approaches to explore the many sides of bullying and the people who are affected.

"We deal with all kinds of children. We deal with children afraid to go to school. We deal with the bully who is as afraid as the people he's bullying," said co-writer Steve Pullara.

"Through this we realized bullying is an epidemic and it needs to be addressed," said producer Gloria Domina.

So, Steve Pullara along with Jim Cravero, Gloria Domina, Kevin Mackie, and Pat Robinson accepted the Grammy for Best Children's Album of the Year. Steve says the idea came to him while he was brushing his teeth - fresh off a Grammy nomination last year.

It's a subject several of these producers are all too familiar with in their own lives.

"I was afraid when that bell would ring because I'd know he'd be looking for me outside," Mackie said.

"Being bullied as an adult brought back all the feelings of being bullied as a child," Domina said.

Local and international artists are featured in the 6 vintage tracks and 31 new ones.including "Just Walk Away," a song from Debbie and Friends

Some do walk away, some internalize while some can hurt themselves or others. The teen gunman in this week's fatal shooting at an Ohio high school is said to have been a target of bullies.

"We need to get the message especially to them before they go on a rampage," said Mackie.

All the profits from the CD go to Pacer Kids Against Bullying.

For more information about the CD and to order a copy, just go to AllAboutBulliesBigandSmall.com