Jury in fatal casino carjack case to resume Monday

Pictured: Craig Arno and Jessica Kisby as they appeared in court on May 9th, 2011. Both pleaded not guilty to murder, felony murder, carjacking and kidnapping charges.

April 20, 2012 2:38:24 PM PDT
A jury weighing the case of a man accused in the fatal carjacking of an Atlantic City casino patrons has not reached a decision.

The panel is considering nearly 30 charges against Craig Arno. The most serious of those charges is the murder of 47-year-old Martin Caballero of North Bergen in May 2010.

Prosecuters say Arno and his girlfriend at the time - Jessica Kisby - fooled Caballero into the parking lot of the Trump Taj Mahal. They allegedly carjacked him, drove to a rural section of Atlantic County and beat him to death before setting his SUV on fire.

Authorities say Arno and Kisby also took the victim's ATM card and used it to get money from his account.

Arguably the most dramatic moment of the trial came when Kisby testified against her former lover in exchange for a deal allowing her to be eligible for parole in 30 years.

Arno denies any role in the carjacking or the murder, alleging that Kisby and another male accomplice committed those crimes. Arno did admit to burning Caballero's SUV to help cover things up.

After long deliberations no decision was reached. The jury will resume deliberations on Monday.