Grilling tips for Memorial Day weekend

May 25, 2012 1:33:48 PM PDT
Memorial Day Weekend is not only the unofficial start of the summer; it is the official start of grilling season.

We're showing you how to grill at home and make it gourmet. We got top tips from the meat masters at DelFriscos to make your Memorial Day meal steak house quality.

Executive Chef John Stritzinger at Del Frisco's steak house in Center City says don't overdress it! "These are great quality meats so you don't need marinades. Simple seasoning: you just need salt and pepper!"

"Generously season them, both sides."

When you're choosing your cut, like New York Strips and rib eyes more marbleing equals more flavor.

For a nice char, turn up the heat to maximum.

Once you pop your steaks off the grill, don't dig in right away! You must let it rest a good 5 to 10 minutes. This way, all the juices will settle back into the meat.

Be patient with your burgers, and don't push on it.

First, the chef says, those juices could spark a fire. Plus, you will be squeezing all of the savory flavor out of your patty!

And besides, it's a holiday, so keep it simple!

"You want to be outside, you want to be enjoying your Memorial Day but you don't want to have a lot of fuss... Shrimp are easy! Basic salt, pepper, lemon. Asparagus are super easy."

And you can save a great deal of money by serving family style!

"Get nice cuts of steaks; get big steaks. Cook them whole, slice them down and let everybody pick at them. That's the fun part!"

It's great for your budget too because you don't need one steak for each guest.

Chef says that by buying a few good cuts and slicing them up, you stretch your dollar and eat a better meal!

For more grilling tips, check out our chat transcript with chef John Brandt-Lee, the owner of Avalon Restaurant in West Chester.