Mrs. Fixit: Homemade Oxygen Cleaner

June 09, 2012

All you need to make this stain fighter is hydrogen peroxide and baking soda! That's a total of maybe two dollars!

To make a spray on stain fighter, all you need to do is mix together equal parts of the two ingredients into a spray bottle.

Swirl it around to dissolve the baking soda and spray it directly on stains.

Make sure that you store this cleaner in a cabinet because hydrogen peroxide can lose it's effectiveness when exposed to the light - that's why it's sold in a brown bottle!

To make a presoak for clothes mix two parts water to one part of baking soda and peroxide, then soak your items.

This cleaner is the perfect choice for all sorts of stains and fabrics. Just make sure that you check an inconspicuous spot like an inside hem if you're concerned about the fabric or color-fastness!

Fighting stains and saving money, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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