Get "Brave" about your workout!

June 22, 2012 3:13:27 PM PDT
The new Disney movie "Brave" is out in theaters today and it's good for more than just entertaining the little ones; It's inspired a grown-up work out!

A skilled archer, Merida, the feisty and headstrong daughter of royalty in Disney/Pixar's BRAVE, sure is a sharp shooter!

You too can master her epic moves, and break out your inner bravery!

Philadelphia Sports Clubs has teamed up with Disney/Pixar for this BRAVE "Change Your Fate" workout.

"The premise of the movie is a Scottish princess who wants to change tradition and what we are doing is changing tradition as far as exercise classes," says instructor Vivian Camphor.

Change your fate, and your body, by torching calories and toning muscles Scottish-soldier style with bows and swords.

"It's cardio, flexibility and strength training all in one workout," Camphor says.

"As women we need to be strong, so I think that's a great message to convey to young ladies," says Robin Gillespie, a student.

Disney/Pixar's Brave "Change Your Fate" workout will be offered free to members and non members at select Philadelphia Sports Clubs through the end of June and also through July.