7 injured in SEPTA high speed train accident

July 6, 2012 9:23:19 PM PDT
Seven passengers have been injured in an accident involving a SEPTA Norristown high speed rail line in Norristown Friday night.

The accident happened around 7:45pm when a two-car train became uncoupled.

The train was leaving the Penfield Station when it disconnected and reconnected unexpectedly at the Beechwood Brookline station.

The impact caused injuries to 6 people in one rail car and one person in the second car. Six of them were treated at the scene; one person was transported to a local hospital. Early reports indicate the injuries appear to be minor.

The train went to the Wynnewood Road Station in Havertown where police and rescue units were able to assist the passengers.

SEPTA is currently running shuttle buses from 69th Street to Bryn Mawr.

The accident is under investigation.