Parents react to attempted abduction arrest


Her father, Chris Payne, spoke just hours after the arrest of Carlos Figueroa-Fagot, 33, from the 3000 block of North 8th Street.

Figueroa-Fagot is facing a list of charges in connection with the attempted abduction on Tuesday afternoon, which was caught on surveillance video.

Payne told Action News he knew police would catch the suspect - he just didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

"Knowing that they got him, that made me feel so much better," Payne said.

Action News caught up with Payne and his family as they returned from a toy store, carrying presents for the girl. The toys were made possible thanks to a collection taken up by neighbors.

Payne was still beaming about his little girl's courage to fight off her would-be kidnapper, as he often warned her to do.

"Fight tooth and nail. It worked for my kid, she's 55 pounds soaking wet and she gave that guy hell," said Payne.

Payne said he hopes other parents talk to their kids about "stranger danger" lurking on the streets.

I want other kids and families to know, and to let their kids know, to fight back to scream, yell and give all you can. It makes a difference," Payne said.

Meanwhile, in a live interview on Action News Thursday, the girl's mother, Joanne Payne, said she was "ecstatic that this guy was off the street."

She thanked police for their tireless efforts to help "make my little girl sleep easier knowing this guy is gone."

Both Paynes say they plan on going on a number of national news programs, including ABC's Nightline, hoping his story can help save lives.

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