Academy of the Vocal Arts

May 15, 2013 8:20:27 AM PDT
If you're a big fan of reality singing competitions, now's your chance to see one live and vote for your favorite.

Every year, the Academy of Vocal arts holds an aria competition. Budding opera stars compete against their classmates to win the top prize from a panel of elite judges and the equally prestigious audience favorite award.

Danielle Orlando, Master Coach, Academy of Vocal Arts says, "It's a very very wonderful and elite group, really, of singers."

It's called the Giargiardi Bel Canto competition and it began in the 1970s when a patron by the same name came up with the idea.

"The stakes are high because a lot of competitions, you get to come back and sing a second aria, or there may even be one or two rounds, this is just one aria, one performance," said Orlando.

William Davenport won the competition last year as a first year student at the Academy.

"I sang Che Gelida Manina from La Boheme.I couldn't believe it. You know, it was my first couple of months at AVA, and to start like that was really, you know, more than I ever expected," added Davenport, Second-Year Resident Artist.

Singers pack the audience with friends and family but anyone is welcome to come and cast a ballot for their favorite.

"It's nice to walk away with the judge's prize. But it's also a great feeling to have the audience prize," said Orlando.

Once you win, you're no longer eligible to compete so Davenport will be there to cheer on his peers and vote for his favorite.

"Oh, of course I'll be there. Turn in my ballot and everything," added Davenport.

"It's a wonderful way to showcase the young artists of the Academy of Vocal Arts. There's a different crop every year," said Orlando.

The competition is October 5th at 7:30 in the Kimmel Center's Perelman Theatre.

For tickets, go the Academy of Vocal Arts.