Firefighters teach safety after blaze kills boy

POWELTON - October 17, 2012

A vigil was held Wednesday night not only for Tymere Rose, but also for his mother and younger brother who are still in the hospital.

Investigators are waiting to speak with both as they work to determine the cause of that fire.

Outside the building, 6 floors from the fire that took the life of the 4 year old with the big smile his community prayed for him.

Dozens of people wrote messages, lit candles and bowed their heads for Tymere Rose who didn't make it out his West Park apartment Tuesday afternoon on the 400 block of Busti Street in Powelton.

"He was the sweetest little boy," said Connie Matthews. "My baby went down the hall with them every day."

The fire on Tuesday afternoon at the West Park Apartments in the Powelton section left 4-year-old Tymear Rose dead. Investigators say his mother, Tasha Rose, left him and his 3-year-old brother unattended while she took out the trash.

When she returned to smoke and flames, she frantically tried to save her children but was only able get the 3-year-old out of the apartment. Tymere was hiding under the bed.

Just hours before the emotional candlelight vigil, Philadelphia firefighters and Red Cross were in the building handing out bags of information to educate residents on fire safety and prevention.

Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers says it was important for them to come here a day after this tragedy and speak with people face to face.

"We went floor-to-floor and door-to-door to make sure all the families got the important message that they need to stay safe in their environment," Ayers said.

Ayers also spent time outside the building speaking with children. He says it's an opportunity to use their interest about firefighters to teach them about fire prevention.

"They look at the uniform first but, when we talk them about the tragedy they connect right away," said Ayers.

"We don't need to lose our kids," said Chris Willis. "We don't need to lose our kids."

Family and neighbors say they plan to have a fundraiser this weekend inside the apartment complex to help Tasha Rose with medical and funeral costs.

A firefighter was also injured in Tuesday's fire, but he has been released from the hospital.

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