Flyers set for first game of the season

January 18, 2013 3:41:48 PM PST
The Flyers are just about to take their best shot at another Stanley Cup run.

The fight starts Saturday when they begin a shortened 48 game season due to the lockout.

The first game of the season is against the Pittsburgh Penguins who they beat last year in the playoffs.

It won't take long for things to heat up. "It didn't take me long six years ago to have a hatred for the Pens. Only playing them once every couple years in the West, then coming here and seeing Crosby run the show and do what he does. You learn to not like them fast, that goes for all Philadelphians and guys that put on a Flyers jersey," said Scott Hartnell, Flyers' forward.

"It's not like a Tuesday night in Columbus for us. It's a rival game, it's a Saturday afternoon and it's going to be really exciting," said Max Talbot, Flyers' forward.

When the puck finally drops tomorrow, they're not going to go easy, the Flyers plan to come out flying.

They have five games over just the first eight days of the season. Short training camp or not, they better be ready to go.

"Yea it's a lot but we're all on the same boat. Every team is going to have to go through the same thing," said Talbot.

Everybody deals with it. I think when those scenarios come up, it's all equal, it's a level playing field, and that's what you really want," said Peter Laviolette, Flyers' head coach.

Everyone may be on the same boat now but the Flyers feel they'll be able to separate themselves from the rest and become Stanley Cup contenders.