Diet soda vs. water in Temple University's study

Also exempt from the proposed tax are sugar free drinks.

January 27, 2013 10:23:08 AM PST
Weight loss experts at Temple University are trying to answer a big question: Do diet drinks help or hurt your effort to shed pounds?

Researchers are comparing diet soft drinks to water to see which is better.

Volunteers, like Valerie Branham-Wakefield, are following Temple's standard weight loss program.

But half the volunteers are drinking only water, the other half are consuming diet beverages.

Calorie-for-calorie, it should not make a difference.

But no one has ever tested diet drinks and water head-to-head.

"Some people think diet beverages, that's zero-calorie beverages, can have a sweet taste, which they do, and that sweet taste can go and lead you to pursue other sweet tastes and derail your dieting efforts," Gary Foster, Ph.D. of Temple University said.

Although Valerie is hoping to get into the water group, she's now enjoying the variety of diet beverages.

"Such as the diet soda, the Vitamin Water, or the Diet Snapple, or Powerade, and they are in different flavors, as opposed to water, which is just water," Valerie said.

So far, Valerie has lost 14 pounds, which is above her original goal.

Stay tuned in the future for the results.

Anyone interested in the study should call 215-707-3292.