Windy night in Atlantic City

January 30, 2013 8:32:20 PM PST
A howling wind blew along Atlantic City Wednesday night.

Gusts were so powerful, they blew out the glass front door of Venus Market.

"I heard a voice like bullets. I looked outside, all the windows go down," Neil Fakhouri of Venus Market said.

The powerful winds whipped traffic lights, blew over signs, and left people struggling to get around.

"It's definitely not safe for anyone who is walking or driving, your car is swerving, the whole nine yards," Antaun Minott of Atlantic City said.

Action News found an elderly man clinging to a pole.

We walked him to safety indoors with the help of AC resident Thomas Bell.

"It's crazy right now. I'm too skinny; I'm about to blow away," Bell said.

Along the boardwalk, foot traffic was brisk and so was business for Clarence Hardy.

He had to try and maneuver his boardwalk taxi through the punishing winds.

"When you got people in it, it's a little easier, but it can flip if you don't have anybody in it, so it's good to have people in it," Hardy said.